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Dress Code


The Club has always prided itself on respect for traditions and high standards of personal appearance.  It is a social organization designed to offer its members pleasant choices for dining, sports, entertaining guests and other activities in a first-class atmosphere.  This goal can be met only if members, juniors and guests live within common expectations for dress, since inappropriate dress detracts from the membership experience of others.  While Club staff is asked to remind members and guests when they are outside the Club’s standards, each member should make every effort to make sure that staff and other members are not put in the awkward position of having to speak with anyone about dress.  Each member is responsible for the attire of his or her children and guests.  Each member is expected to show courtesy to others by staying away from areas in which he or she is not appropriately dressed.

General Standards

Clothing worn at the Club should be clean, worn as designed and fit its wearer.  Clothing should not be ripped, frayed or otherwise damaged or low hanging or otherwise overly loose fitting.  Except at the pool area, shoes are required at all times.  Blue jeans may be worn between Labor Day and Memorial Day in the Mixed Grille (casual dining), bar, patio and the golf pro shop, and at the paddle tennis facility.  Blue jeans are not allowed in the main dining room (ballroom), in the west rooms, on the golf course or golf practice facilities, or on the tennis courts.

Men’s and boys’ shirts for all activities other than the Fitness Center and squash courts must have sleeves and either a collar or a turtleneck or mock turtleneck.  Men must remove hats and visors when entering the clubhouse (except that hats may be worn in the locker area and while transiting through the hall area outside the pro shop) and shall wear them with brims forward.

Women and girls may wear golf and casual shirts that are either sleeved or collared.  No tank tops of any kind or outfits with bare midriffs may be worn.  Hats and visors with brims must be worn with brims forward.

The additional standards for specialized areas of the club are:

  • Main Dining Room (Ballroom):Jackets and ties are required for men and appropriate attire is required for women unless otherwise noted.
  • Mixed Grille (casual dining), Bar and Patio:Informal dress and Club golf attire is appropriate.T-Shirts are not permitted.When the Main Dining Room is not available for dining, staff will try to seat more informally dressed diners and children in the area between the bar and the fireplace, including the family dining area.
  • Golf:Men’s golf shirts shall be worn tucked in at all times.Shorts for men must be Bermuda length.Shorts and skirts for women must be at least mid-thigh in length. Blue jeans (pants, skirts or shorts), cut-offs, running shorts, cargo pants, tennis or gym shorts and stretch materials are not appropriate attire.Shoes with metal spikes may not be worn anywhere at the Club. 
  • Tennis:Well-groomed tennis attire is required for adult members, children, and guests at all times.  Appropriate attire for men and boys includes tennis athletic shorts and sleeved shirts. Collared shirts are not required. Appropriate attire for women and girls includes tennis dresses or skirts, athletic shorts and suitable tops.   Cut offs, cargo pants, excessively baggy or long shorts, gym shorts, swimwear, jerseys, and tee shirts with large slogans or highly decorated tank tops are not considered appropriate attire.  Smooth soled tennis shoes are absolutely essential to protect our Har Tru (clay) surface; running shoes or any shoes with uneven ridges are prohibited.  
  • Squash:Whites are considered appropriate attire; however, light color clothing is also deemed acceptable.Shirts must not have excessive commercial advertising.No dark soled shoes or running shoes are permitted on the courts.Eye protection is mandatory.Members dressed for squash may not visit other parts of the Club if their dress does not adhere to the standards in those areas.
  • Paddle:Blue jeans and other informal attire are permitted in the paddle area, where protection from the weather should drive dress.
  • Pool:Appropriate swimming attire is required at all times in all pools and the pool area.Other club appropriate attire is welcome in the areas around the pool, but should not be worn in the water.No undergarments or torn, tattered or sagging clothes are allowed in place of swimwear. Pool attire is permitted only in the pool area and in transit from pool to car.Shoes are not required in the pool area, but are outside the pool area.
  • Fitness Center:Attire consistent with high standards of personal appearance must be worn at all times in the Fitness Center.Athletic shoes with closed toes and heels must be worn at all times, except that bare feet may be permitted in programs in the aerobics room.Long and short sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts are appropriate attire in the Fitness Center only and shirts may be worn untucked in the Fitness Center only.Tank tops, bra tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, midriff shirts, and shirts with cut-off sleeves are not permitted.Sweat pants, shorts and similar athletic items are appropriate.Spandex pants and shorts are permitted, provided they are coordinated with a long shirt.Blue jeans, mini shorts, and skirts are not permitted.Upon leaving the Fitness Center, members dressed in Fitness Center attire may not visit other parts of the Club if dress does not adhere to the standards in those areas.
  • Parking lots:Dress codes do not apply to people picking up and dropping off children for activities, as long as clothing is satisfactory for appearing in public.

Members are responsible for advising their guests concerning the Clubs dress policies before they come to the Club.  Members who violate the policies on attire or allow their guests and children to do so may be notified in writing.  Repeated violations may result in loss of Club privileges.